Tinworks Tri is a brand new club set up by a bunch of enthusiastic guys who love everything triathlon. We started with a few of us deciding to enter a few events, just dipping our toes in the water. We loved it, so a 5 of us decided to sign up to Ironman Wales!!! Yes, we don’t do anything by halves 😉

How We Started

It all started with a couple of us deciding we wanted to do something a little bit different. Yep, that something a little bit different was signing up to Ironman Wales 2018. We know right!!! 5 of use were doing it and we thought of starting a little Whatsapp group so that we could try and train together.

Well, that group grew and grew and we thought to ourselves, we may as well start a proper triathlon club in Llanelli as there seemed to be a lot of interests out there. So that’s what we did. And here we are now.

Our Aim

Our aim is pretty simple, we want everyone who is interested in triathlon in the Llanelli area to join the Tinworks family. We all have a right good laugh, it is like a proper family and none of us take ourselves too seriously.