Cant Am Y Calon Charity Swim

Tinworks Tri Club is a triathlon club in Llanelli that has just over 50 members. As it’s a local club to Llanelli, all of the members are passionate about the community and they all want to give something back. Recently at some events the club participated in, 2 athletes from other areas have had serious incidents and lost their lives due to cardiac arrests. With this in mind, Tinworks Tri decided to raise funds for a defibrillator machine to be located in the North Dock area. The North Dock is used by a lot of the community for exercise and training and many events are held there.

A plan was devised around 6 weeks ago and it’s taken a lot of hard work and planning, but Tinworks Tri managed to get everything in place and delivered a fantastic charity event. On Sunday the 25th August 2019 over 100 people participated in Cant Am Y Calon. The idea was to get 100 swimmers to swim a mile each to get to the 100 mile target. As it was a Bank Holiday weekend it was hard to get 100 swimmers so we opened it up for runners to participate and this managed to get the combined totals to way over 100 miles. The event saw 3 waves of senior swimmers take on 2 laps of the North Dock. These swimmers were of mixed standards, from first timers to experienced open water and triathletes. There were two junior waves where 3 brave 9/10 year olds completed a 300m swim, which is one length of the dock. The event was very relaxed with an emphasis on enjoyment and completing this challenge. The final third wave was full of very experienced and fast senior swimmers. Everyone participating in each wave completed their challenge of one mile, and were cheered on throughout, an amazing achievement made by all. 

One of the other goals of the event was to bring local clubs together and this was another success. The other local triathlon club, The Dredgers, helped out on managing the run part of the event and Sospan Road Runners helped on the fundraising side. They managed to raise a staggering £350 that went towards the final pot. One of their members, Karen, lost her son Darren O’Brien recently to a cardiac incident and i’m sure many of you have heard of this. We also had other local clubs participate in the event including Llanelli Swimming Club, Carmarthen Swimming Club, Celtic Tri, Bynea Cycling, Dredgers, Sosban Road Runners, Llanelli Athletics Club and Llanelli Lifesaving Club helped out with the water safety on the day. Tinworks Tri would like to thank all clubs for coming together and supporting this cause.

Simon Phillips from Tinworks Tri said, “From an idea that we had, to actually putting it all together and holding such a fantastic event, it’s been a brilliant 6 weeks. To see the local community and local clubs get behind the event has been great to see. We’ve smashed our target of £1500 and we’ve just finished the final count and the final total is just over £2000”. 

Tinworks Tri would also like to thank all the local businesses who have also helped during the event and these include Aquatreat who purchased the swim hats, WRW Construction, Burns Pet Nutrition, Tinworks Brewery, Robert Davies Gym, Tyrmwg Kennels and everyone else who donated prizes for the raffle. 

With the money raised Tinworks Tri will be purchasing a defibrillator machine from Cariad who will then locate it on the new St Elli Bay Bistro. Cariad are also providing Tinworks Tri and local clubs with training on how to use the machine in case of an emergency. Simon went onto say “we had some great feedback from everyone and the initial feedback is that people want it as an annual event, so we best get planning for next year” 

Tinworks Tri would like to thank everyone for their generosity and for making their first charity event such a big success. If you would like to know more about Tinworks Tri and their upcoming events please get in touch with them at